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Vulnerability Assessment and Monitoring System

This project, which served as the centerpiece of my BSc thesis in Computer Engineering, focuses on addressing the importance of software vulnerabilities in network systems. Software vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access or disrupt system behavior, pose a significant risk. To tackle this issue, a system was designed and implemented to monitor and evaluate vulnerabilities in computers connected to a network. Tools based on the SCAP protocol are used to identify vulnerabilities in each computer, which are then stored in a MySQL database on the central management system. Reports based on these evaluations can be generated and viewed on the central system, enabling effective monitoring and assessment of vulnerabilities in the network. This centralized approach streamlines information management and facilitates decision-making to mitigate risks.



I utilized the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) to enhance network security by addressing vulnerabilities. A system was developed to monitor and evaluate vulnerabilities in network-connected computers. SCAP facilitated automated security assessments and reporting, enabling efficient vulnerability identification.



I utilized Python to establish a client-server system, to enable the connection between each system and the central system. Through this connection, the central system could request vulnerability information from each individual system.


Database management

Once the connection is established, the results of the vulnerability assessments are transmitted back to the central system for further analysis and management. To manage the vulnerabilities of each client in the network, a MySQL database was programmed, enabling effective database management and organization of the vulnerability data.


Assessment report

Identified vulnerabilities were stored in a centralized database, with reports generated for effective management. This proactive approach to network security allowed organizations to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities more efficiently.

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