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Afsane Baghestani

Master Student


About Me

I have started my Master’s studies in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba in 2021 at the HCI lab. In my thesis, I am interested in the impacts of collaborative learning on software learnability for older adult users.
I am holding two BSc degrees in Computer Engineering (IT- 2018) and Industrial Engineering (2020) from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

Current project

Recently, older adults are becoming target users of different types of feature-rich software for both non-work and work-related applications. Although older adults’ tendency to learn these applications has altered lately, and they are more open to adopt independent methods such as exploration, their experience is still more negative and frustrating than pleasant. Collaborative learning has not been explored in the context of feature-rich software for older adult users. In my project, I examine the impact of collaboration on older adults’ learning behavior of feature-rich software. I want to observe mixed-age and same-age dyadic interactions to have the opportunity to make a comparison.

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